Art/ Assembly is passionate about facilitating the best possible work environment. As artists, A/A founders Sari and Sebastien understand the importance of a comfortable workspace and the connections made with other creatives. They also understand the need for flexibility. Artists lives are inherently unpredictable. They often can’t make it into their studios for weeks or months at a time when a residency or far away project or commission draws them away. Other artists don’t have the money to maintain studios outside of their homes, and those that do often end up only being able to get to the studio 2 to 3 days a week because of long hours at their day job. Art/Assembly offers an affordable space that meets the basic needs of these artists, allowing them to work in a common area for a low monthly membership, and rent out private space only when they need it. This will make a space outside the home accessible to those who could not have one otherwise, and lower the costs for others by allowing them to pay based on their usage of the space. A/A also seeks to build community through events, workshops, and organized critiques, as well as giving members a venue to host their own events.

Reasons to Join

  • Art/ Assembly offers artists an incredible amount of flexibility in their work space. Membership is maintained on a month to month basis, and can be discontinued at any time as long as one months notice is given.
  • Art and Assembly offers several types of spaces, both shared and private. Shared work spaces can accommodate those working at stand up or sit down desks, or those that need unobstructed open space or wall space. Private spaces can be rented anywhere from one day (in an 8 hour block of your choosing) to one year.
  • Not everyone has the money or desire to rent a permanent studio space. Art & Assembly makes it easy to rent shared or private space at reasonable prices on a long or short term basis.
  • You don’t need to buy or haul any furniture. Art & Assembly provides desks and chairs. Members renting a private space on a more permanent basis have the option of bringing additional furniture into the space as needed.
  • A shared community. Art & Assembly wants to promote cross pollination between it’s members. To help this along we’ll have an art and design library, which will start with our own personal collection. Members are encouraged to  add their own books for the duration of their membership, creating a revolving collection of new material. There will also be a tool share, and a place for free supplies that members no longer have a use for.
  • Make Coffee, tea, and a place to store your food.
  • A common area to meet with clients and collaborators, think, and relax.
  • Storage space for your work and supplies.
  • The opportunity to hold events, host projects, and set up installations in the space.
  • Shared tools, including table saw, lathe, band saw, dremel, multi tool, drill, hand tools, and some maker tools (small vises, work bench, soldering irons)

Who A/A is For:

  • Artists who produce work at a scale not appropriate for Storm King (as in not too large), using mostly non-toxic materials.
  • Artists from out of town who need a sublet.
  • Artists who need a temporary space to collaborate
  • Art students who need temporary space for a major project
  • Artists who like to work in close proximity to other artists
  • Writers, and other types of creatives
  • Artists who need a low cost option to a permanent studio.
  • creators who do not have specific space/tool or material requirements.

Future Goals

We are looking forward to making the space increasingly comfortable and functional, and expanding the library and materials share. We are looking for suggestions from all members about how we can improve things. We are constantly adjusting policies so we can best meet everyone’s needs.

About the Space

Art/ Assembly is located within The LOOM, in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. The area is largely industrial, and the windows looking out of the space yield views of centuries old homes and factory buildings, many missing roofs, or in general disrepair. It is the historic decay present in many of Philadelphia’s now poor neighborhoods. The building itself is shared with many types of creative forces, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Walking the halls can yield interesting new finds. Some of our neighbors include PterodactylFireBall PrintingThe Ceramics ShopRival Bros Coffee Roasters, and  Haley Trikes .
Soon to come is Big Jane Cafe, located in the buildings basement. It will feature locally sourced coffee and food, as well as a farmers market and CSA program. There are some other interesting new ventures in the works as well, and we have our fingers crossed for a kitchen share. The building features a parking lot, freight elevator, and is about to get a new security system. There are also some great resources in the area for cheap art and building materials, including the fantastic Resource Exchange, and Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.