An Aquatic Adventure with ART/ASSEMBLY

Seafood! Fishing With John! Alcohol!
We are so excited we can’t form full sentences!
Ok we feel better now.

A/A will be cooking a surprise fish-dish.
(And veggies shaped like fish for the vegetarians).

This will be paired with a special drink & beer will be available, as well.
We will be screening an homage to John Lurie’s “Fishing With John.” For which he has personally given us his stamp of approval.

Fishing With John* is a send up of the typical sporting/travel program, and features John ineptly fishing with at the time underground celebrities like Dennis Hopper, Tom Waits, Jim Jarmusch, and Willem Dafoe, while a narrator spews vulgar non-sequiturs.


You will also get to see ART/ASSEMBLY staff in their best nautical getups.
So if you’d like to see us dressed like jerks, it’s probably worth a minimum donation for the victuals.

*Amazon link