July Open Critique -rescheduled

Rescheduled due to bad weather to:

Thursday the 13th of August
730pm to ~10pm
3245 Amber st, 4th floor.
The LOOM building.

The 11th of our monthly group critiques series in collaboration with The St.Claire.
Hard refreshments, easy conversation, critical looking will be provided.

This session will feature James Sturner; and Sari Widman.

James Sturner is a Philadelphia based artist working with a wide array of mediums. He has received his BFA in Painting and Education Certification from Tyler School of Art.

“Towards the end of my undergraduate career, I started to question a lot of my motives for painting. I felt as if painting had become a default decision in my practice and was often counterproductive when presented by itself. I began to branch out into other mediums in an attempt to place painting and the tactile process of making within a world consistently moving towards the machine made and the digital. This new work has been primarily concerned with analyzing how means of production have an impact on factors such as level access, perceived authenticity, and an object’s status within consumer culture. By presenting handmade objects alongside pseudo handmade objects and readymade objects, I want to examine the boarders between these areas. “

“For this critique I would like to get feedback on how the work reads as a group, if there are any unintentional references being read in the work, and where the work might go from here.”


Sari Widman is an artist and educator living in Philadelphia.

She is currently working on several projects that explore language, narrative, fetish objects, books, ritual, refuse, and plastics.
Sari will be presenting two bodies of work in progress:
One exploring the contents of books, varied fictions and realities, title and naming, and how complex ideas, emotions, and narratives can be captured in short phrases and titles.  Another exploring the repossession of industrialized plastics to represent projected human sorrow and remembrance, and the grossness and loveliness of that.

How can you participate?

If you are interested in being a presenter for a future critique, please send us an email with your contact information, a short statement about the piece you’d like to talk about, and perhaps an “Artists Statement” we can use in to introduce you.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@artassembly.net or call us at 267 277 26666.

The work can be presented either with originals, sketches, reading or other artifacts to illustrate your direction; or with a digital presentation of materials/ideas.

We would love to see work in time based projects, maker art projects or projects integrating sound and video (limited to 10min samples), but this is truly an interdisciplinary critique and it would be great to have a variety of projects.

Hope to see you soon,