Membership includes:

    • One flat monthly rate for rent and utilities
    • 24 hour access to the space
    • Wifi
    • One or more events in the space per year.
    • Storage space for your work and supplies.
    • Shared tools including wood working tools and some maker tools.
    • Random materials share
    • Community¬†library

Membership Rates

General Membership is $73/month, and a $73 security deposit.
First time open space members will be asked to contribute a $20 one time fee for use of a large storage bin.

Private Space Memberships rates are as follows:

  • $138/month for 100sqft space + 1 month security
  • $306/month for 300sqft space +1 month security

Membership Policies

  • All member must provide current contact information.
  • Membership dues are paid on the 1st or the 15th of each month depending on sign up date.
    (A photo id, and 2 proofs of residence when first signing up.)
  • All member must give one months notice before¬†discontinuing membership.
  • Members may not make copies of any keys given to them.
    (All keys must be return  once membership is discontinued.)
  • Members must remove all materials and work from the space within 3 days of the end of membership term (unless previously discussed and agreed upon).
  • Permission is needed before members can alter any structure/furniture in the spaces or anything else affecting the integrity of the private spaces.
  • When moving out, any holes made in walls must be spackled and painted ; any alterations to tables/furniture must be undone and space must be restored to its original state.
  • Rules may change over time, and members will be alerted to rules changes

Request a membership

To make an appointment to visit the space, or receive more information, please contact us at, with your name, your desired date of membership, and links to your work or website.