If You Leave – A Panel Discussion on Artist Retention in Philadelphia

This class through the St. Claire’s Homeschool program will investigate the promise and petulance of being an artist in Philadelphia. Initiated through a panel discussion with former and current residents, topics will include:

the Philadelphia creative culture industry and the art economy; DIY networks, collective galleries, and criticality; shadow-play with New York and metropolitan insecurities; gentrification and the transitory nature of living in a city in the midst of growing pains; and ways can we work to change or improve upon these structures to convince artists to invest in Philadelphia.

The panel will be moderated by Meredith Sellers and Jonathan Santoro.

Panelists are:

  • Gwen Kurtz (BFA Tyler, former PHL/current NYC resident)
  • Joshua Caleb Weibley (BFA Cooper Union, former PHL/current NYC resident)
  • Sebastien Derenoncourt (BFA SAIC, former NYC/current PHL homeowner, Co-director of Art/Assembly)
  • Kelsey Halliday Johnson (MFA UPenn, PHL resident, Asst. Curator of Locks Gallery)

The panel is Tuesday, Dec. 9, from 7pm to 9pm at Art/Assembly – 3245 Amber Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia PA 19134. Ring the buzzer to get in! or call 267 277 2666 for access code

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